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Server Hardware Specifications

Rust server hosting plans comparison

How to choose the right server hosting plan?

  • Basic - best plan for a small team of casual players (up to 20 slots). Ideal for those who want a straightforward gaming experience without dedicated resources.
  • Standard - suitable for non-casual players and teams of up to 50 slots. This plan offers more storage and RAM, making it ideal for larger groups and more demanding gameplay.
  • Premium - for advanced players and larger communities (up to 100 slots). This plan provides the highest performance with NVMe storage, dedicated IP, and real-time CPU priority.

Still not decided?

Consider the following factors when choosing a server rental plan:
  • Number of players
  • Server performance requirements
  • Storage and RAM needs
  • Dedicated IP and CPU priority
Price (per month) $10 $20 $40
Price (per slot) $0.50 $0.45 $0.40
Storage 50 GB SSD 100 GB SSD 200 GB NVMe
RAM 4 GB 8 GB 16 GB
DDOS Protection Included Included Included
Dedicated IP No No Yes
Real-time CPU Priority No No Yes
Slot Capacity 20 slots 50 slots 100 slots

Included in every package:

CarbonCarbon OxideOxide HarmonyHarmony

Additional Features

Custom Control Panel
Players Management
Game Settings Editor
Support (email, Discord)
Anti-DDoS Protection
Upload & download game progress
FTP Access No No
Mod Support No
Custom Maps No
Task Scheduler No
Dedicated Discord Channel No No
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Avaliable Server Plugins/Mods Supported with 1 Click Setup

  • Oxide: A powerful modding framework for Rust, allowing server owners to extend functionality and customize their server experience.
  • RustAdmin: A robust tool for server management and administration, providing features like player monitoring, ban lists, and more.
  • uMod: An extension of Oxide, uMod offers a wide variety of plugins for customizing Rust servers, from gameplay tweaks to administrative tools.
  • BetterLoot: Enhances the loot tables in Rust, allowing for more balanced and rewarding looting experiences.
  • MagicLoot: A loot customization mod that allows for dynamic and customizable loot drops, making every scavenging run unique.
  • AdminTools: Provides a suite of tools for server admins to manage and control their Rust server effectively.
  • RustIO: A map plugin that integrates an interactive map with Rust servers, allowing players to view and interact with the game world via a web interface.
  • ZLevelsRemastered: Adds a leveling system to Rust, where players can gain experience and level up various skills such as mining, woodcutting, and crafting.
  • Clans: Allows players to create and join clans, enhancing teamwork and cooperation on Rust servers.
  • EnhancedBanSystem: An advanced ban system that provides more control over player bans and tracking banned players.
  • RustRewards: A plugin that adds a rewards system, allowing players to earn points for various actions which can be redeemed for items or privileges.
  • InfoPanel: Adds a customizable information panel to the in-game UI, providing players with important server information at a glance.
  • Teleportation System: Allows players to teleport to specific locations or to other players, enhancing mobility and convenience.
  • AutoPurge: Automatically removes inactive player structures to keep the server clean and running smoothly.
  • StackSizeController: Enables server admins to adjust the stack sizes of various items, providing more control over inventory management.
  • Backpacks: Adds backpacks to the game, giving players extra inventory space and improving item management.
  • Kits: Allows server admins to create and distribute kits of items to players, useful for new player starter kits or event rewards.
  • FriendlyFire: Manages friendly fire settings, allowing for the prevention of damage between teammates or clan members.
  • CustomChatCommands: Lets server admins create custom chat commands for players, adding more interactivity and control through the chat system.
  • DeathNotes: Provides death notifications in the chat, informing players of how and where someone died.